Mont-Blanc Legend

Compagnie du Mont-Blanc

Mont-Blanc Legend

Completion : February 2015

“A long time ago, after being thrown out of the valley, a very poor old woman cast a curse on this enchanting site. In a few seconds she transformed it into a frozen land where all life became impossible. So… stay tuned… because this is the place where magical creatures, Sylphs and ice giants sleep. ”

It is this theme that will be created this winter, in collaboration with the company Ho5 on the site of La Flégère, “Mont Blanc Legend”, an original play area themed around the legends of Chamonix. More than a sliding experience, skiers will be immersed in a unique universe where stories, heritage, magic, sharing and discovery will take place. The area will highlight several legends in order to offer many marvellous experiences. On the trail of Les Evettes, there will be a snowy village all the winter, animated by characters. Discoveries, challenges, treasure hunts, magic itineraries, puzzles … a whole world of animations to discover!