Call for Projects

Compangie du Mont-Blanc

1 – How to present a project

  • Fill out the candidate form
  • Study of conformity regarding your demand
  • Our team will contact you and send you a detailed presentation to be filled out

2 – Mode of intervention

  • Skills sponsorship
  • Networking initiatives
  • Tool for financial support (which should not be a prerequisite to supporting projects or the main axis of communication of the Foundation)
  • Logistics Facilitation
  • Training
  • Solidarity leave
  • Events
  • Centre for debate, reflection and research
  • Any means allowing the Compagnie du Mont-Blanc Foundation to achieve its purpose

3 – Criteria for selection

The project leader may be a legal person , association, foundation , or other legal cooperative structures – or a natural person. Financial support will be granted to a non-profit corporation only, up to date with different legal and regulatory requirements and must demonstrate the proper use of the funds regarding the project selected by the Foundation.

The projects will be short-listed by the Foundation based on the following criteria :

  • relevance of the project to the vocation, the scope of action and themes selected by the Foundation
  • relevance and impact of the project on form and substance
  • skills, experience and motivation of the project leader
  • viability and sustainability of the project (human resources, economic partnership… )

The projects selected at this stage should then be submitted by the project sponsor to the Board of Directors who will then select the projects that will be supported by the Foundation and determine the specific terms and means of action.

Click here to download the Application Form

4 – Response Mode

  • Sponsorship skills
  • Network initiatives skills
  • Financial support tool (which should not be a prerequisite to supporting projects or a priority of communication of the foundation
  • Logistics Facilitation
  • Training
  • Solidarity leave
  • Events
  • Debates Center, reflection and research
  • Any means to allow the Foundation to achieve its purpose.