New Plan Joran gondola

Compagnie du Mont-Blanc

New Plan Joran gondola

Completion : December 2014

This comprehensive project is part of the vast renovation plan for this legendary site and includes the redevelopment of the station buildings. The overall project for the construction of this gondola includes the dismantling of the Roujon chairlift, the extension of the Tabé chairlift as well as the access from the top of the chairlift to the Arolles runway.
Engineering : GANGLOFF Swiss manufacturer
Scenography : IMPLICITE

Update : The first 30 cabins of this new installation have arrived, which will have 84 in all. All the cabins will be delivered in waves of thirty and will be delivered to the site of the bottom station. With a resolutely modern and sober look, these cabins fit perfectly into the landscape of the site.

In parallel and after the delivery of the “coil” support of the cable by exceptional convoy, 65 tons total for 4800 m of cable with a diameter of 58 mm cable splice, comes the operation called “cable weaving”. This consists of joining the two ends of the cable by a technique of manual interlacing over a length which must be 1200 times the diameter of the cable. 70 meters of splice are therefore necessary here to guarantee the final safety of the installation. More than 20 people worked on this delicate technical manipulation for two days.

The Plan Joran gondola project is therefore under way and on schedule. All the cabins have now been delivered and placed in the garage, as you can see on the video. The cable runs and has been checked. The first online cabin trials can begin this week. On the building side, the departure station of this new equipment, is being finished. The exterior facades will be installed and the second work will advance normally.

The line was lifted as initially scheduled mid-way on 27 August. All the pylons are now in place. To this day all the civil engineering is finished. The station is almost 80% finished in terms of mechanics and the bottom station building has been roofed.

The cable pull, which should last between 4 and 5 weeks, including splicing and tensioning, can now begin. The second work of the building, as well as the mechanical assembly of the garage with cabins will begin. It should be noted that this cabine garage is of a very original design, since it should be modular and also shelters the reception area of ​​our customers as well as the queues.

Lognan Railway Station

Grands Montets Plan Joran installations of the space are finished in technical terms. The tests are carried out and we can now proceed with the commissioning of various scenographic devices (screens, interactive games, connected objects, etc …) Finally, the brand new signage is being positioned. It will greatly facilitate the movement and location of skiers in this new space.